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Helping Black History Month Persevere All Year

With Black History Month 2023 coming to a close, it’s striking how quickly supportive posts and profile pictures fall by the wayside. For the Black Community, this month is never forgotten; it is a reflection of daily, lived experience that is both cherished and challenging.

This year’s theme of perseverance and resilience strikes at the core of Black Canada. It’s recognition of systemic anti-Black racism and the tremendous strength required of the Black Community to have come this far. It’s a celebration of culture, courage and community and a reminder that there is far more work to be done.

At Yellow Plane Branding, we invite everyone to continue working with the Black Community. Think critically about biases in hiring, housing, healthcare, banking and policing. Consider the impact of daily microaggressions to mental health and well-being. Reflect on personal shortcomings and how better move forward in allyship.

It is first important to understand Black history in Canada to understand where we are today and guide our future. Seek out books at your local library, watch historical documentaries and read about the Black narrative in Canada at https://lnkd.in/gQM6V3u and https://lnkd.in/eFKUeGa

For those looking to explore Black culture, nothing is simpler than consuming Black media. Whether you enjoy watching, listening or reading, there are so many Black creatives with unique, insightful and entertaining works to share. A quick online search will reveal any number of recommendations for movies, shows, documentaries, music, podcasts, novels and autobiographies. Exploring and sharing your favourite media not only informs your personal perspective but also provides support to Black creators.

A final recommendation to support the Black Community is to shop, share and follow Black-Owned Businesses locally or online. Start with an online search for “Black-owned business in my area” or access directories at https://www.afrobiz.ca/ and https://blkowned.ca.

We at Yellow Plane Branding encourage you to continue exploring the history, influence and culture of the Black Community in Canada throughout the year. Remember, celebrate and share with us on a journey to a better future together.

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